eden. perfection of colors

M’ars center for contemporary art presents the exhibition project “EDEN. Perfection of flowers” – a series of works by a young St. Petersburg artist Ksenia Sasha. The exhibition will take the audience to the garden of Eden, where visitors can enjoy the harmony of color, elegant composition and perfection of images.


The author’s style of Ksenia sashina is a combination of painting and three-dimensional decorative floral compositions. Thanks to the latest technology, the exhibition will complement the innovative screen, which will be projected images that served as inspiration for the artist. Thus, visitors will be able to follow the creation of the object of art: from the origin of the idea to its implementation. A magical movement of projected images will mark the main theme of the exhibition – the connection between illusion and reality.


The main focus of the paintings, attracting attention, are three-dimensional flowers, “sprouting” literally from the paintings. The compositions that the author uses in his work are made of natural silk brought from China and Europe.


Using images of three-dimensional flower bouquets, hiding the faces of the characters, Ksenia sashina shows the complexity of life, burdened with conventions and pressure of the modern world. Flowers become a kind of charming masks, behind which people hide the era of social networks.


The artist complements the series with images of animals that, unlike people, do not need such masks and boldly look at us from the pictures.


Thus, contrasting the animal to man, the artist draws the attention of the audience to the topic of dependence on the approval of society, the desire to obtain which is sometimes an obsession and a source of internal dissatisfaction.


Thanks to her experiments in the field of visual art, Ksenia sashina raises questions concerning the actual problems of society. The exhibition at the center for contemporary art m’ars was the first solo exhibition of the artist in Moscow, whose works are in numerous private collections.


The exhibition “ЕDEN. Perfection of flowers” will allow visitors to hide for some time from the sometimes aggressive and hostile reality of the big city in the garden of Eden, created by the artist.

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